Self Portrait

According to some of my friends, I am the queen of self portraits.  They know that hanging out with me involves the camera — and several self portraits for good measure.  I must admit — a few years back, I was really good at it.  I’ve slipped in the rain, fallen in the snow and tripped in potholes + sidewalk cracks for a good self-portrait.  Because I take so many self portraits, I have become really good at scoping out places to set my camera for the shots.   I have  balanced my camera in some risky places in the hopes of capturing the perfect self portrait.  I enjoy taking self portraits mainly because I like the challenge.

Now, adding a baby to the mix adds a new dimension self portraits.  In the last several months, I find that there are very few pictures of me.  There are a TON of photos of Samuel and plenty of Samuel with dad but very few photos of me + Samuel.  I am making more of an effort to get in front of the camera again because I want to capture some moments of me with this little man before he becomes a toddler.  So this afternoon, I set the camera on the tripod, grabbed my remote and the little man, and headed outside.  It is really hard to juggle a baby and heavy camera equipment.

After 15 minutes of being outside, snapping photos with a remote and running back and forth to view the image (with baby in tow), I was exhausted and he was cranky.  I found it difficult to entertain him while trying to get us in the frame to take the photo.

Here are some of the images I captured today.  They are not great by any means but it is certainly an attempt to get me in some photos with this handsome boy.

As the weather gets warmer, I hope to get us outside and snap more photographs of us together.

I’m going to leave you with photo I snapped yesterday while helping a friend prepare for a wedding.  He’s such a mellow boy — hanging out while I got stuff done.