Scrapbook challenges …

are sometimes really challenging!

As I ran through the neighborhood this morning, thoughts of scrapbook challenges overwhelmed my brain.  My friend Laura and I are hosting our own scrapbook challenges through my blog and the current challenge, Then and Now, is turning out to be more difficult than I imagined.  The layout is due tomorrow and I have nothing … I’m not excited about any of the topics I came up with this week so I’m back to square one.  And the run this morning did not help me generate any new ideas.

I did, however, remember a page I made awhile back using all the colors of the rainbow that I will post for the Rainbow Challenge going on right now at the Write. Click. Scrapbook. blog.  While this challenge is about exploring how colors evoke certain emotions, my page is about seeing the beauty in white light given the right instruments.

For 90 minutes, my students enjoyed viewing the colorful world around them in these spiffy defraction grating glasses.

The supplies for this page came from the Green Tangerines March Kit (2009).

Although I’m challenged by our current Then and Now scrapbook challenge, I hope that many of you are doing better than me and are ready to submit your pages.  Please send your completed pages to me at tginguyen at gmail dot com by tomorrow morning. I’d like to post your work before I leave for the Bay to Breaker.

Have a wonderful Friday.