And so it begins … (& one little word)

I’ve been off for one complete week and am beginning to make some progress with my to-do list (which by the way, is a bit longer than the list I posted yesterday).

Tackled the closet.  Yeah, it wasn’t pretty … and it still ain’t but I can walk in it now! There is a huge pile of clothes in the living room ready for this weekend’s yard sale.

Washed t-shirts and purchased fabric (and tools) for the quilt.

When I started the process a couple of days ago, I discovered a way to make an easy cape!  Isn’t it terrific?  (My friend laughed at me as I snapped this photo.) I am so ready for spirit days next year.

Frustrated with the quilt this afternoon.  In place of the three missing t-shirts, I decided that I would iron on photos of myself at each of the races.  Since iron-on transfers were a bit unruly, I damaged the 1/2 yard of knit fabric that I picked up today.  Decided to chuck the iron-on transfer idea and will embroider the names of the races on the blocks.  This will lengthen the time it takes to finish the quilt but I bet that I’ll be happier with the results.

While searching for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon picture for the quilt, I came across the following layout:

I made it at the first crop I attended in Torrance, CA.  At the time, I was really into color blocking.  And I feared the written word so much that my pages contained little to no journaling.  I was happy with a title and photos.

As I go through my earlier work, I notice that my pages were all missing the story.  The pictures tell a story but the details have faded from my memory.  As my obsession with this hobby intensified, I began to write more.  Writing continues to be a challenge for me.

Since reading Ali’s one little word entry this morning and going through my old scrapbooks, my secret word for 2010 resurfaced.  My goal for the year has been to tell my story through the written word.  My secret word for 2010 has been writer.  I haven’t said it publicly or made a page about it but it lingers in the back of my mind.

And I’ve made progress.  Writing is always a work in progress.  And in order to get better at it, I have to write.  My pages this year are filled with words that tell my story — from a a typical day in my life right now to how things compare back then and now.  And I have been updating my blog more frequently.  I will never be a stellar writer, but I am happy to be writing and telling my story.

Before I sign off, I’d like to leave you with a several more layouts I came across today while I cleaned:

The Making of a Superhero (2005) : A group of students and a couple teachers helped me make Phytochemical Woman, a superhero in the nutrition world, for our Annual Nutrition Fair.

The Process Continues … (2005) : Plastic fruits were all donated by students.

Photo-op with Phytochemical Woman (2005)