Labor of Love

I’m also inspired by the Green Tangerines April/May Kit.  The vibrant colors make me happy.

It inspired me to tell the story of a summer tradition.

Journaling : It’s our annual tradition.  In the first week of June (which is usually the last week of school), we take a day off from work, pack up the car and drive ourselves to Brentwood, CA to pick berries.  We bathe ourselves in the morning sun, handpicking each individual berry.  We pick whatever is ripe, but our favorites are boysenberries and olallieberries.  Sometimes we fight the thorns and prickly weeds to get to the plumpest, sweetest ripe berries.  By the end of the day, our legs are beat up from the thorny weeds, fingers are stained berry red, arms are sore from carrying our medley of berries, and bodies are exhausted from the heat.  Once we get home, each batch of berries is carefully washed in preparation for turning into lots of homemade goodies.  For days, we freeze and bag the best berries for homemade pies and cobblers.  The remaining berries are used for homemade jam, which takes an entire day of cooking in the hot and humid kitchen.  The entire process is truly a labor of love and we are glad to do it for those we love.

I’m really diggin’ the journal cards & word stickers from October Afternoon.