Scrapbook Challenge : Right Now

What is happening in your world right now?  Are you celebrating a special occasion?  Are you on Spring Break?  Are you enjoying a good read?  Or enjoying the springtime weather?  Whatever your life looks like right now — stop and celebrate the here and now. Your Right Now page is due on Friday, April 30.

I decided to push the date back a week because I’m planning to join Ali in doing her Week in the Life Project from April 19 to April 25, 2010.  Anyone else out there interested in this challenge too?

541 Scrapbook Challenge : Random Facts

My friend Laura and I live 541 miles away. We’re both west coast girls from Oregon and California.  We love to scrapbook and have plenty in common.  We met each other while standing in the registration line at CKU-Anaheim.  We hit it off then and have been good friends since.  We see each other at least once a year since the summer of 2007.  We’d love to scrap together, but since we live 541 miles apart, we decided to start a monthly challenge to compel us to create and share more pages.


We’re currently inspired by the We Dare You, so this month’s challenge, 7 Random Facts, is coming straight from the book.  If you are interested in joining us in this month’s challenge, we encourage you to create a page with 7 random facts about you, your loved one, or anything that inspires you.  It is totally open.  Do whatever you want and share it with us.

The deadline for the challenge is Saturday, March 27.  The 27th is a little more than a week away so you could totally do it.  We DARE you!  We DOUBLE DARE you!

If you have a Flickr account, post your work there.  Email me (tginguyen at gmail dot com) the link  and I’ll link it here.  Or you could just email me your page and I’ll post it here.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.