Hike-a-week : Hello Auburn.

Hello first hike of the summer.

Hello training hill.  Your steep climb kicked my butt!  For over a mile, I gasped for air with each step and took frequent breaks to rest my legs.

Hello wide open fields.  Hello beauty.

Hello sunshine.  Hello shadows.

Hello nature.

Hello fresh air.  Hello cool breeze.  Oh, how I love you so.

Our 5 mile hike was more like 8.5 miles.  We made a couple of wrong turns and had to backtrack.  (The last time my friends hiked in this area, they were lost and had to contact the ranger for rescue.  We knew better today so when we decided that we made a wrong turn, we backtracked and eventually made our way out.) At the end of the hike, we stopped at the Auburn Recreation Area office for a detailed trail map.  It will be handy for future hikes.

Summer is definitely off to a great start!  I am so grateful for summer vacation.