2013 December Daily | Day 08-14

Day 08 | ‘Tis the Season for hand knits.  My sister is the expert and her pieces are beautiful.  Samuel is the lucky recipient. 131215 DD-13 Day 09 | (Left page) Each evening, he spends time with his beloved Hercules.  Tonight, he decided that he’s an elf and that he and Hercules are returning to the North Pole to inform Santa of all that he has seen.131215 DD-14 Day 10 | (Right page above) Letter to Santa.  He scribbled the note and told me what to write. 131215 DD-15 Day 11 | Still in the works. Day 12 | 12 blessings on day 12. I was originally going to do 12 things about him/us right now but I loved Ali’s idea to do 12 blessings idea. 131215 DD-16 Day 13 | The Spirit of Giving — part of his Advent Calendar activities for this year.  Now that he’s a bit older and has a better understanding of giving, I decided to add some action advent cards for him to do for others.  Tonight, we made stockings and surprised our neighbor. 131215 DD-17 Day 14 | Santa Parade.  We love parades around here — we usually have several a week in our own home.  So when there’s a parade in town, we make sure to go.  I used Ali’s 4×6 Layered Templates, Vol 2 for the photos below. 131215 DD-19

December Daily 2013 | Day 01-07

“Tis the season.  Tis the season.  Tis the season …”  chants my little one.

I love this time of year.  I especially love documenting our December Daily stories.  This year, I am really focusing on documenting one story per day with just a few photos I love.  I am also continuing with Project Life this month (although it seems like I’m over documenting – ha!) but am capturing a different part of our day there.  I am really trying to keep things simple and my time is limited.  The volume of grading I have piled on my desk seems to grow taller with each passing day because I’d rather be documenting our story than grading my students’ papers.

Here’s a look our first week of December.  I quickly took the photos this afternoon with my iPhone – not super happy with the images so I will take better photos later this week.

Day 01 – Getting our tree.  We have never gotten our tree this early.

Day 02 – I wanted to decorate our tree but Samuel had other things in mind.  He discovered a new skill so he spent most of our tree decorating time hopping on one foot.

Day 03 – Santa sent us an Elf.  And Samuel named him Saucy.  I still have some journaling to do on this layout.

Day 04 – The last night of Hanukkah.  Ended up being a four page spread — I often give myself a 3×4 space for journaling because I think I do not have much to say ….


Day 05 – Starbucks + shopping with one of my girls.  Girl time is awesome.

Day 06 – My brother came for a short visit.  He and Samuel had concerts in our living room all evening.  I so love watching and listening to them.

Day 07 – Samuel turned 34 months!  Can’t believe he will be three in two months!  We celebrated with a trip on the Polar Express to the North Pole.  Samuel loved it all — except for the creepy looking Santa. The story of our magical adventure is tucked in the 3×4 pocket.  I think this will end up being a four page spread once I get some images from my brother.

I am in love with this project.  So looking forward to experiencing and documenting more magical moments this holiday season.

Week in The Life 2013 | Friday

Happy Friday!

130913 WITLFriday-10
Sporting his new kicks.

130913 WITLFriday-12
Breakfast.  Somebody wanted an almond butter + jelly sandwich for breakfast.

130913 WITLFriday-29
Morning date with the duplo machine.

130913 WITLFriday-36
Fire alarm went off this morning.  Made for a poor start to my day.

130913 WITLFriday-37
Desk at lunch.  Today’s lesson was on pie graphs, hence the protractor.

130913 WITLFriday-81
Dylan, Ricki + Samuel = best buds.

130913 WITLFriday-111
My tomato plants are out of control.

130913 WITLFriday-154
Enjoying a few new reads tonight.

Week in The Life 2013 | Wednesday

This is my fifth year with this project.  The last couple of years were documented with photos and words but I never got around to putting them into a book.  I am hoping that this year will be different.

Here’s a look at our Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

130911 WITLWednesday-7

130911 WITLWednesday-11


130911 WITLWednesday-15

130911 WITLWednesday-26 130911 WITLWednesday-29

130911 WITLWednesday-43

130911 WITLWednesday-48

130911 WITLWednesday-50

130911 WITLWednesday-76

130911 WITLWednesday-91

130911 WITLWednesday-108

130911 WITLWednesday-127

130911 WITLWednesday-169

130911 WITLWednesday-214

All of the images here were taken with my 5D.  I find that it is easier/quicker to use my iPhone for self portraits.  I have been using my iPhone more and more for this project.

Lil’ Cowboy

This little cowboy is just a little over 2.5 years old.

He’s my pal.  We spend a wild amount of time together and we enjoy every minute together.

130908 PonyRideLandPark-40
He’s happy, curious and constantly on the move.  He reminds me that life is for living.

130908 PonyRideLandPark-63
I’ve never been this close to a horse before him.  I have a new appreciation for horses because of him.

130908 PonyRideLandPark-101
I adore him so.

Story Time Quilt

I bought the fabric three years ago with the intent to make a quilt for Samuel.  The fabric sat in my closet and this year, it made it to the living room where it sat for most of the year.  And then this summer, I put it on my project list.

The design for the quilt came from Rae.

In a couple of nights, I stitched the quilt top.  Then it sat for a week because I was nervous about sandwiching the quilt and quilting it myself.

Determined to clean off my kitchen counter (that’s where I do most of my sewing), I sandwiched the quilt in one afternoon while Samuel napped.  That same evening, I quilted it — yep, I quilted the entire thang.


After quilting it, I sprayed the quilt with water to remove the pen markings.  Bad idea because the red dye bled like crazy — many white sections turned pink!



The next morning, I bound the quilt, sprayed it with OxyClean and threw it into the wash.  The thirty minute wash cycle took forever.  OxyClean is the miracle stain remover — the white sections came out white!

Here’s the finished quilt:

130703 QuiltBalloons-17
Front of quilt.  Measures 46″ x 46″.  I am so in love with it.

130703 QuiltBalloons-21
The back.  I love the colorful strip in the middle.

130703 QuiltBalloons-22
Close up of the quilting.  I love the texture from the straight stitch.

I’m glad the recipient of the quilt loves it too.

Fourth of July Parade

It was a super hot and humid Fourth of July here.  At some point during the day, the temp was 110°F.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-26
He was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-31
Cowboy boots & long stripe skirt.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-38
He warmed up a bit when he was given the 1st place ribbon for best dressed.  We earned a first place ribbon last year too.  Go, us!

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-43
He’s really into being a cowboy (and knight) so we went with the cowboy theme for the parade.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-49
The original plan was to ride our stick ponies.  Good thing I brought along the trike.  He was so overwhelmed, he didn’t ride the pony at all.

Love this photo of our family.  Thanks Tina.  

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-61
Thrilled that our friends were able to join us.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-97
The kids were so hot they didn’t want to do anything except drink their Jamba Juice.  They hardly moved at all.

He is one very serious cowboy.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-118
Checking on his horses.  Love how he treats them and cares for them.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-133
Jim ended up carrying all of the horses — and pushing the stroller.

130704 FourthOfJulyParade-110
Happy Fourth of July!

Day in the Life :: June 27, 2013

6:30 am :: morning run.  3.25 miles, 38 minutes.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-19
7:30 am :: Breakfast outside while waiting for the garbage trucks.  For him, Kix cereal + milk.  For me, coffee.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-32
8:00 am :: already on the horse.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-57
9:00 am :: garbage man sighting.  Hooray!

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-45
Jim working on painting project #2.

9:30 am :: bike ride — on the hunt for more garbage trucks + tunnels.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-89
11:00 am :: dentist office.  Preparing the visit with a book.  He was very excited about the visit and was happy to have the hygienist check his teeth.  He was thrilled at getting a big boy toothbrush + toothpaste.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-103
12:30 pm :: lunch at In & Out.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-98
12:32 pm :: waiting for food.  This book is a new find at the thrift store the other day.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-109
1:25 pm :: in search of the perfect cowboy  boots for this little cowboy.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-150
1:55 pm :: feel asleep on the way home.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-152
2:10 pm :: prepping a pie.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-163
4:25 pm :: back in the car.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-190
5:30 pm :: conversations with Haley.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-205
6:30 pm :: hanging out with Josh.

130627 DayInTheLifeJune-248
9:15 pm :: getting ready for bed.

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