Around Here | January 2014

Around here, Samuel is excited about turning 3.  He asked his teacher if she’d sing him Happy Birthday on the big day.  He told me today that he wants cupcakes brought to school to share with friends but does not want me there.

Around here, I am planning Samuel’s third birthday party.  He decided on a cowboy theme so I’ve been busy whipping up stick horses and cutting up boxes for a western town.  I love planning his birthday parties.

140119 StickPonyPark-20

Around here, my house smells clean because the housekeeper just made her appearance.

Around here, Jim is buried under a pile of math assignments and attends too many parent conferences.

Around here, Samuel is taking riding lessons.  We take him every two weeks but I feel like we should be taking him there for observation and exploration on weeks we do not have lessons.  He is sometimes distracted by the older riders — that’s because he wants to do what they are doing.

140112 RidingAnnie-8

Around here, Samuel is still obsessed with horses.  He cares for, rides, races and shows them on a daily basis.

Around here, Samuel enjoys doing puzzles.  He completed 13 24-piece puzzles in one day and asked if there were any more.  It takes him anywhere between 3.5-5.5 minutes per puzzle depending on the level of difficulty.

140120 Puzzler-3

Around here, Samuel and I are enjoying our Wednesday afternoon dates.  We enjoy playing at the park the most.  This afternoon, we had imaginary horses and lead them all over the playground.  He is very creative and imaginative.  Lots of pretend play happening over here.


Around here, I am reading Hands Free Mama.  I am hoping to get through more books this year — actually finish ones I start rather than just starting a bunch and having a pile sitting on my night stand.

Around here, the weather is amazing.

Around here, Samuel asked to go on the swing!  This is huge for him.

140122 WedDatePark-52

Around here, I am thinking of ways to get rid of the skunk hanging around in my back yard.

Around here, we are always telling stories.  Our car drives and evenings are filled with stories — directed by our one and only Samuel Honey Bear.  We are also really into the Berenstain Bears.  We love reading the books and watching the cartoon.

Around here, I am working on Samuel’s year three book.  He is growing up way too fast.

Around here, I am addicted to pomelo + tajin seasoning.  For real.

Around here, I am addicted to thrifting.  I find the most amazing toys and books and games and costumes.   I love the thrill of the hunt.


Around here, my closets need to be cleaned out.  I would like to be able to walk into it sometime soon.  Unfortunately, it is not high on my list of priorities right now.

Around here, I have been running and walking an average of 2 miles a day up until a couple of days ago when I got sick.  I am coughing a bit and feel a bit drained.

Around here, I feel frustrated with apathetic students.  I am letting negative folks weigh me down.  It is time for an attitude adjustment — on my part so that I do not feel emotionally and mentally drained by my students.

Around here, I am working on being present.


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