The Gift of Photos

131225 Christmas-185

We had a memorable Christmas.  Samuel insisted that Santa could not come into the house so we left cookies and milk for him outside.  Santa left a note on the front porch to look for gifts on the back porch.

Santa brought Samuel a Pony Cycle.  He did not show the kind of excitement you would expect from a kid on Christmas morning.  Samuel looked at the pony with inquisitive eyes. He wanted to know if it talked — and spent a great deal of time examining it from a distance, looking for buttons and noise making features.  Once he was certain that it would not make a sound, he slowly made his way onto the horse and rode it “into the midnight sky.”

One of the best gifts Samuel received on Christmas day was the gift of photos:  a book of stories and memories from all of his horse riding experience over the course of this year.
131225 Christmas-390
This photo really says it all.  He loved the mini-book and spent a good chunk of time looking at it and recalling all the names of the horses he’d ridden over the year.

131225 Christmas-393
He was super thankful.  This kid really likes hand made gifts.

Here’s a look at his book.
131230 PLTitlePage2014-26

131230 PLTitlePage2014-27

131230 PLTitlePage2014-28

131230 PLTitlePage2014-30

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Photos

  1. This is the sweetest photo theme book ever! I love it! I think this size would be perfect for me to document my life, since I don’t have much going on other than work. LOL!

    I love how you skillfully selected photos and embellishments/journal cards that really tell a story. Samuel is blessed to have such an artistic mom as you!


  2. Hi Autumn,

    Can you share more photos of this mini PL album? I really like the size, and I really think this scale of album could work well for me. Can you photograph more pages, so I can see how this smaller PL version worked for you? Thanks!


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