December Daily 2013 | Day 01-07

“Tis the season.  Tis the season.  Tis the season …”  chants my little one.

I love this time of year.  I especially love documenting our December Daily stories.  This year, I am really focusing on documenting one story per day with just a few photos I love.  I am also continuing with Project Life this month (although it seems like I’m over documenting – ha!) but am capturing a different part of our day there.  I am really trying to keep things simple and my time is limited.  The volume of grading I have piled on my desk seems to grow taller with each passing day because I’d rather be documenting our story than grading my students’ papers.

Here’s a look our first week of December.  I quickly took the photos this afternoon with my iPhone – not super happy with the images so I will take better photos later this week.

Day 01 – Getting our tree.  We have never gotten our tree this early.

Day 02 – I wanted to decorate our tree but Samuel had other things in mind.  He discovered a new skill so he spent most of our tree decorating time hopping on one foot.

Day 03 – Santa sent us an Elf.  And Samuel named him Saucy.  I still have some journaling to do on this layout.

Day 04 – The last night of Hanukkah.  Ended up being a four page spread — I often give myself a 3×4 space for journaling because I think I do not have much to say ….


Day 05 – Starbucks + shopping with one of my girls.  Girl time is awesome.

Day 06 – My brother came for a short visit.  He and Samuel had concerts in our living room all evening.  I so love watching and listening to them.

Day 07 – Samuel turned 34 months!  Can’t believe he will be three in two months!  We celebrated with a trip on the Polar Express to the North Pole.  Samuel loved it all — except for the creepy looking Santa. The story of our magical adventure is tucked in the 3×4 pocket.  I think this will end up being a four page spread once I get some images from my brother.

I am in love with this project.  So looking forward to experiencing and documenting more magical moments this holiday season.

6 thoughts on “December Daily 2013 | Day 01-07

  1. Love that you’re doing December Daily! And congrats on the PL team! So excited to see a familiar name / face on the team – I’ve loved visiting your blog for a few years now and am always inspired!


    autumn Reply:

    Thanks, Jen! I’m am so enjoying December Daily — and am working really hard to keep it up to date. There is jus so much to do in a day, I find myself working on it in the wee hours of the morning.


  2. Your DD album is “sooooo” beautiful! I love the variety of photos, journaling, and holiday goodies stuffed in the pockets. I love how you capture the festivities of this season. Thanks for sharing. Your new blog layout is also cool.


    autumn Reply:

    Thanks, Damiane! Loving hearing from you. Are you working on DD this year?


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