Week in The Life 2013 | Friday

Happy Friday!

130913 WITLFriday-10
Sporting his new kicks.

130913 WITLFriday-12
Breakfast.  Somebody wanted an almond butter + jelly sandwich for breakfast.

130913 WITLFriday-29
Morning date with the duplo machine.

130913 WITLFriday-36
Fire alarm went off this morning.  Made for a poor start to my day.

130913 WITLFriday-37
Desk at lunch.  Today’s lesson was on pie graphs, hence the protractor.

130913 WITLFriday-81
Dylan, Ricki + Samuel = best buds.

130913 WITLFriday-111
My tomato plants are out of control.

130913 WITLFriday-154
Enjoying a few new reads tonight.

One thought on “Week in The Life 2013 | Friday

  1. Hi Autumn,

    Your “Week in the Life” photo project is awesome as always. I love how you still enjoy this project, despite the heavy workload at school.

    Samuel is ever so cute and growing fast! I couldn’t do the “Week in the Life” this year because of my school workload (too many papers to grade). Sigh.

    I’m looking forward to December Daily, though. I will definitely do it again!


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