Grateful :: Day 23-25

11.23.12 :: grateful for these two.  They played so well with Samuel — fully partaking in everything that Samuel insisted.  I mean, who could resist a sweet voice calling out, “come on, guys.”

11.24.12 :: grateful for this white horse. He’s been studying and admiring horses for months and has had a couple of opportunities to ride them. I guess none of the previous ponies were the right one for him.  While in line, he asked repeatedly for her.  “White horse,” he’d whisper (in between asking for carmel popcorn).  “White horse.”  We are thankful that the girl in front of us in line didn’t care to ride Shimmer, the white horse.  Samuel conquered a lot of fear today.  And we are such proud parents.  

11.25.12 :: grateful for these lovely ladies.  Green Tangerines, my local scrapbook store, closed today.  Samuel and I spent the afternoon at the store with K & P & other lovely ladies who came to say their farewells.  He loved racing with P around the store and getting people to play Ring Around the Rosy.


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