Project Life 2012 :: Week 40-47

Having this past week off gave me an opportunity to catch up on Project Life.  As of today, I am completely up to date … with this year’s album, that is.  Last year’s album still has plenty of holes … but I’m not going to stress out about it.

I really tried to cut down the number of inserts to keep Project Life 2012 to two volumes … but am finding it somewhat challenging.  With that being said, I’m onto Volume 3 (October – December).

Here’s a look at Project Life, Weeks 40-47.

Week 40 :: Sept 30 – Oct 6

Samuel got a potty this week but we are NOT potty training yet.  I am NOT ready.

We got into a car accident — Samuel was in the car so he received a letter from Mercury Insurance stating that he was in a car accident.  Jim put the letter aside thinking that I’d want it for Project Life.  It isn’t something that I want him involved in but it is a first …

Week 41 :: Oct 7 – Oct 13My mom, brother and I saw President Obama in San Francisco.  Samuel calls him “Bama.”

Samuel got his first stuffed horse from his Uncle.  He named her Jess.  He now calls her Jessie.

Week 42 :: Oct 14 – Oct 20Nike Women’s Marathon weekend in San Francisco.

While I was out running with my sisters, Samuel was at home with Jim doing what boys do — bike, wrestle, bounce, laugh, and build Lego structures.  I didn’t run my best Half but enjoyed my sister’s company.

Week 43 :: Oct 21 – Oct 27Samuel’s picture appeared in Sacramento Magazine.  He and I were at a Sacramento Flash Mom Cash Mob event to support local businesses.  Surprisingly, he let Michelle Krebaum photograph him.

Week 44 :: Oct 28 – Nov 3Samuel finished breakfast and decided to be my page turner.  He loves looking through my Project Life binder — he loves seeing images of himself.  He goes through and identifies each person by name and says what they are doing with him.  He also imitates himself — it is quite a spectacle!  

 Week 45 :: Nov 4 – Nov 10

Samuel turned 21 months this week.  President Obama was re-elected.  And the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

Week 46 :: Nov 11 – Nov 17He is rather curious about the girl in the photo.  He points to her every time.

So many things to be thankful for this week: A play date with mamas and their beautiful babes.  A dance party with my boy.  A Samuel + Mama date at the park.  Jingle Bells arrived at our house (he asks for it everyday now).  A Friendship Feast with my boy at his school.  Running the Turkey Trot with my students (and passing many of them up).  And a fun birthday celebration with trampolines and foam pool!

Week 47 :: Nov 18 – Nov 24 (Thanksgiving Break)Great week.  Spent the weekend at my mom’s.  Samuel loves time with my brother.

Santa Shoot.  He refused to wear the Santa Suit … until I told him that I’d send the pictures to his Uncle. Then he agreed and named some other family members he wanted me to send photos to.

He wasn’t so into coloring the Thanksgiving Turkey — it’s an insert from our local newspaper.

We had a fantastic play date on Wednesday.  Samuel was quite the host and amazing sharer.

Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  We had the usual suspects and ate very well.


13 thoughts on “Project Life 2012 :: Week 40-47

  1. I love your Project Life posts! Love how you put letter stickers ON some of the pictures. Love the newspaper clippings and such. I did the digital PL in 2011 and took 2012 off. I just received PL in the mail last month and I am going to do the paper-in-hands approach again for 2013. I love being able to add bits and pieces of things–which I wasn’t able to do with digital PL. We missed you tonight at the last GT party! Had hoped to see you there. Love keeping up to date on your little man via your blog! He is SO cute!


    autumn Reply:

    @Brenda Johnston, Bummed about not making it to the party. I got into an accident earlier in the week and was too nervous about driving out late at night. You will LOVE non-digital approach! It has become the place holder of random bits and pieces of our lives. Cleaning out the closet today and finding bits and pieces of stuff all over the place from 2010 and 2011 and am sticking them in those PL albums! I love it. I find that I have less stuff from my life hanging around — like newspaper clippings, artwork, etc.


    autumn Reply:

    @Brenda Johnston, Which kit did you get?


    Brenda Johnston Reply:

    Bummer about the accident! I am glad you are okay. I did Project 365 back in 2009 when she designed it for Creating Keepsakes and loved it! (Though I still have 4 holes I need to fill! Ha!) So, I know I will enjoy doing the paper version again. This time I am not going to approach it as a “picture-a-day.” Too stressful and the reason I have holes. It’s been refreshing for me to see people take it a week or two at a time or do an entire vacation with multiple photos from the same day. I am excited to see how it will play out for me! I got the Clementine edition. The Colbalt edition is the one I really wanted, but she was out of it when I ordered and I just wanted to get the order in–I like both of them though. I’ve already got a lot of it set up and am ready to start fresh in January! How do you decide when to use her place cards and when to use something totally different? I love how you do that!


    autumn Reply:

    @Brenda Johnston, Yay for Project Life! I buy the kit mainly for the date cards and journaling cards. As you can see from my post, I don’t use all of the journaling cards. I use a lot of scraps from my stash and journaling cards from other manufactures. I don’t use the place cards because I’d rather insert an extra photo or some bits from life. I have so much stuff — like Samuel’s art work or tickets from a train ride or trip to the zoo that stick in there.

    For 2013, I have my eye on the Seafoam kit. 🙂

    Oh, I started a Project Life book for Samuel before Becky came up with her Baby Editions … but now that the cards are available, I may get the Baby Kit to add to his book.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your Project Life in 2013!

  2. I completely love your album! I am almost caught up this year with PL and will be photographing soon. I really like your style of photographing your album with placing the book at an angle. I think I may copy this style…hope that’s ok. I find it quite hard to photograph PL because the light reflects off the page protectors. Anyway…thanks for the inspiration!


    autumn Reply:

    @Jenn V, Yay for catching up! Hoping to finish 2010 and 2011 soon. I found the same problem in photographing PL pages so snapping the photos at an angle certainly helps with the glare. I have a toddler (as you know from looking) so I try to make things as easy as possible — and shooting the photos at an angle is the easiest thing for me. Plus, I love that some of his body parts in the photos.


  3. I absolutely love your Project Life and so happy to see more of your pages! So inspiring! 2012 is my first year doing PL and I’m completely hooked and gradually finding my groove and my own style. Your style appeals to me very much. Thank you for sharing!


    autumn Reply:

    @Jen Tapler, Love your pages too! Left a message on your blog but am not sure it got posted.


  4. WOW! Autumn, your PL album is breathtaking! It’s great to look at your pages again, for they’re so colorful and fun to view. Thanks for sharing and posting.

    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming Dec. Daily project. Please share!


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