Grateful :: Thanksgiving Day.

Today, I have so many things to be grateful for.

Grateful for my health.  Samuel and I were out with 27,300 other people to Run to Feed the Hungry.  It has become our Thanksgiving morning tradition.

Grateful for beautiful weather.  Last year we ran in the rain.

Grateful for this face — the smile and twinkle in his eye gets me every time. 

Grateful for a happy and healthy family.  Grateful for the love, support and kindness I’ve received in the past year.  

Grateful for his love of books and stories and reading.  We had a play date yesterday and he snuck away for a few minutes to read a book.  

Grateful for home cooked comfort food.  (Samuel asked me for a horse on the pie — see bottom left for my pathetic attempt at a horse.)

Grateful for his patience.  He let me cut his hair this afternoon.  He must have flushed the toilet half a dozen times to keep himself entertained.

Grateful for quiet moments.

Grateful for my mom.  She is his only grandparent — so thankful that he gets to know her.  Also grateful for pretend play.  Tonight, he made her chicken soup with beans and noodles.  She was a champ — pretending to drink the hot soup, telling him how wonderful it was, etc.  He just beamed with joy.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  Hope yours was just as wonderful.

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