Grateful :: Day 20 & 21

11.20.12 :: grateful for our colorful neighborhood.  Samuel and I really enjoy walking/riding through our neighborhood kicking the leaves, picking up leaves and acorns, and enjoying the cool breeze on our faces.

11.21.12 :: grateful for these women (and all of the other women in my life).  Thank you for filling my heart with so much joy, love and laughter.

I am also grateful for my hobby and being able to share it with my boy (and anyone else who wants a peek at our life).  Documenting stories.  Celebrating the ordinary (and sometimes mundane) moments.  I love capturing our daily life.  If the weather is nice, I will take and post photos of my Project Life in the next few days.

Tonight, my heart is full.

One thought on “Grateful :: Day 20 & 21

  1. Lovely photos this month, especially the little guy – love his smile ! Keep them coming and looking forward to the project life ones, you were one of the people who inspired me to start my own project life and I haven’t looked back since, thanks !


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