December Daily 2011 :: Day 08 – 15

I have been on winter break for almost two weeks and I have not posted anything on this blog. Some of you probably visited my site daily for December Daily updates and are probably tired of seeing the Rock Band video. I promise that my intentions were good — but the reality is — a little mobile person can suck the life and energy out of you and all of your good intentions just get tossed out the window. I had no idea what having a mobile ten and a half month old is like. Absolutely clueless … until it happened to me.

Determined to finish my December Daily (and get through a long list of other scrapbooking related projects), I have stayed up into the wee hours of the morning printing photos and working on layouts. I am happy to report that December Daily 2011 is finished. Something else to check off my list.

Because my last December Daily update was back on the 7th of December, I am going to post my entire album in two posts. Here is a look at the cover of the album and days 08 – 15.

December Daily Cover :: Because I love the outdoors, I wanted to incorporate that into the cover of my album for this December.  I chose the wood grain paper from Jillibean Soup and added red/white/green accents to give it a festive touch.  I wanted the spine to be completely red but I ran out of fabric tape so I used washi tape I picked up at West Elm sometime last year.

December Daily 08 :: My mother is a knitter and specializes in hand knit vests.  When we were kids, she would knit each of us a vest for the winter.  When we got to be teenagers, we told her that hand knit sweaters were so uncool, she stopped making them for us.  She now knits for herself — until I asked her to make a keepsake vest for Samuel.  One vest turned into two … which then turned into three … and now, Samuel has half a dozen hand knit vests from my mom.  On this day, she sent two vests — made with such attention to detail and love.

December Daily 09 ::  For this layout, I wanted to showcase a series of photos of Samuel “helping” Jim build his early Hanukkah/Christmas gift and of him playing with it.  I love the look of photo strips taken at photo booths so I created that look in Photoshop.  I really like the way it turned out.

December Daily 10 :: Inspired by Ali’s page from Day 8 that shows a grouping of holiday stuff , I created the grid below on my sewing machine and included photos from the day’s events.

December Daily 11 :: Our holiday card — I did not make any handmade cards this year!  The cute gal on the right came over for a holiday photo play date.  Her mama loved Samuel’s pajamas so much we let her slip it on for photos.

December Daily 12 :: Time to trim the tree!  We got a little tree this year and put it on top of a little side table.  Surprisingly, Samuel was not all over the tree like we originally thought.  It is in his play area but he was only over there half a dozen times — most of which was to get his new rocket pillow.  The page on the left showcases our new ornaments.

December Daily 13 :: Documented a mobile and happy ten month old here.

December Daily 14 :: Wrapping gifts this year was more challenging with a little guy to help you tear paper and unravel tape and ribbon.  He was everywhere — getting into everything and opening gifts that were wrapped.  I wasted so much wrapping paper this year … had to buy more wrapping paper (unheard of for me since I always buy it on clearance after Christmas).

December Daily 15 ::  Journaling here done in Samuel’s voice — we were out buying Christmas gifts and we found some gifts for me!  This winter, we added four new hats to my collection: brown bear, giraffe, Cookie Monster, and Yeti the Abominable Snowman!

This project was definitely a labor of love.  I am so glad that I took the time to document our stories this December.  What a treasure it will be for Samuel in years to come.

Thank you for visiting.  Leave a comment with a link to your project.  I’d love to see your December Daily too.

7 thoughts on “December Daily 2011 :: Day 08 – 15

  1. This turned out so good! I love it! And I love seeing your life as a mom! It’s so true, you have no idea what it’s going to be like until you ARE a mom! I adore your holiday card with him sitting in the lights. Fabulous!!! Hope you are enjoying your break!


  2. Hi Autumn! LOVE love love your DD! I followed you last year as well – found your link from Ali’s site. Samuel is a doll, and so lucky to have you as a Mom to document his life! Thanks for sharing – and yes, I was one who kept checking your site, seeing he rock band video, kept checking, kept waiting…it was worth the wait!!


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