Project Life 2011 :: Weeks 12 + 13

Week 12 :: Left page

Week 12 :: Right page

Week 13

A closer look at the left page.

I signed up for Kelly Purkey’s Sketch 3 class and used the day one sketch to create the layout below.  Samuel and I went to school for the Traveling Space Museum event.  I went around to photograph the event while Samuel was adored, hugged, loved and held by the staff.  I passed by the gym, saw the hover craft (and no students) so I asked if I could ride it.  Turns out, I was the only teacher who got to ride it!

Map of the event.

Samuel and I had lunch dates everyday that week.  I collected a bunch of business cards to show where we went during the week.

We made a stop at a relatively new cupcake shop and had a decadent chocolate macroon cupcake.

A look at the right page that concludes the week.

By the way, I got a haircut!  Couldn’t stand my long hair so Ian, my hair dresser, chopped it all off.  He gave me a chunk of it to include here.

20 thoughts on “Project Life 2011 :: Weeks 12 + 13

  1. Wow, your PL album is filled with fun and joy! I love how you capture life creatively.

    I’m learning a lot from your PL layouts. For example, I never though of including business cards of the places I visit. And oh, your hair snippet is so cool. I love the brown paper bag that you added. It’s quite cheerful, and the cupcake layout is simply delicious.

    Thanks for sharing. Much love to you!


  2. Hi Autumn,

    I collected a few business cards of places that I visited this weekend. Thanks for the idea. I would have never thought of that! I love the brown paper bag (?) you used. Is that a bag? Or scrapbook paper?

    Also can you tell me the lined paper you used in the first journaling card on the left side of your layout (under the card that says “6 weeks old”). I like the paper because it has lines to write on.

    Thanks again for sharing your PL album. Your joy is evident on every page!


    autumn Reply:

    @Damiane Lucas, The brown bag is from Chipotle.
    The lined paper I used is from October Afternoon. It is part of the Report Card collection called Hot Lunch.
    Glad you’re enjoying my album. I enjoyed yours too.


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  4. I love your album-thank you for sharing it! How do you take such fabulous photos of your finished pages? I can never get mine to come out that good:( Love the bag with the business cards and the newspaper insert from a couple weeks back-great idea.


  5. Hi Autumn,
    I found your blog from Ali’s blog and I feel like we are friends that have never met! Such a small world… I live in the Sacramento area too and have loved certain projects and pages I’ve seen at Green Tangerines and now realize that they are yours! : ) I also love to run and hike. Not to sound like a stalker but I hope to meet you at some point! -christie


  6. Found this link on Ali’s blog…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your project life! I have been doing it this year since January and love this project. i love the way you have added fun things from your scrapbook stash. I LOVE that paper bag with all the business cards stapled on it. So much fun! Thanks for sharing.



  7. Autumn, found you via Ali E. Just wondering if any one else has trouble w/ the weight of their finished proj life albums? My 2010 is a bear and one of the rings doesn’t shut properly often making me have to redo the page alignment after someone has looked thru it. I’m asking because i see you add extra pages of “stuff” thru the year like i do.


    autumn Reply:

    @glee, I have a lot of stuff in my binder and don’t seem to have a problem with it. I am very careful with the book and don’t have problems with page alignment. Here’s a thought — perhaps you could split your book in two and use the We R Memory Keepers binder albums. They are sturdy and hold up really well.



    glee Reply:

    thanks, good suggestion


  8. Hi Thu! I love the red stitching…this may be a dumb question, but are you using a sewing machine, or is there an easier way/ tool to do this? Thank you! (you’ve inspired ne, so now I’m starting my daily life binder too!) 😀


    autumn Reply:

    @Kira, Hi Kira. Glad to hear that you’re documenting your daily life! Isn’t it fun?!? The stitching is done with a sewing machine. Sometimes i stitch by hand using embroidery floss. I use a push pin to poke holes in the paper and stitch with embroidery floss. Good luck and have fun.


  9. Hey Autumn,

    Wow how your boy has grown. He is gorgeous! I love seeing the snapshot into your life…am thinking it’s about time I joined that project life bandwagon!!

    xoxo Em


  10. Hi there
    I absolutely LOVE your project life. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine, to get started. Do you tend to journal and take a picture everyday. I am abit confused as to if I should be taking a picture a day to fill up all those spaces. LOVE looking at yours….and such a sweet baby boy.


  11. I was so excited to find your blog. I, too, am a new mom. My little girl, Baylee Rae, will be 7 weeks old this Friday. I started a scrapbook to document every day of her first year. I am not using the PL system but have created my own. I love what you have done with yours and cant wait to see more. Samuel is adorable! I can totally relate to everything you are journaling about (we also call Baylee “Houdini” for the same reason!)


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