Grateful :: day 26-28

11.26.12 :: grateful for the little remote in my hand.  It disappeared for awhile and now it is back in my hands.  Love using it for self portraits.

11.27.12 :: grateful for this little helper.  This holiday season will be fun.

11.28.12 :: grateful for moments like these.  He was telling his bear about the horse he saw and petted this evening.

Grateful :: Day 23-25

11.23.12 :: grateful for these two.  They played so well with Samuel — fully partaking in everything that Samuel insisted.  I mean, who could resist a sweet voice calling out, “come on, guys.”

11.24.12 :: grateful for this white horse. He’s been studying and admiring horses for months and has had a couple of opportunities to ride them. I guess none of the previous ponies were the right one for him.  While in line, he asked repeatedly for her.  “White horse,” he’d whisper (in between asking for carmel popcorn).  “White horse.”  We are thankful that the girl in front of us in line didn’t care to ride Shimmer, the white horse.  Samuel conquered a lot of fear today.  And we are such proud parents.  

11.25.12 :: grateful for these lovely ladies.  Green Tangerines, my local scrapbook store, closed today.  Samuel and I spent the afternoon at the store with K & P & other lovely ladies who came to say their farewells.  He loved racing with P around the store and getting people to play Ring Around the Rosy.


Project Life 2012 :: Week 40-47

Having this past week off gave me an opportunity to catch up on Project Life.  As of today, I am completely up to date … with this year’s album, that is.  Last year’s album still has plenty of holes … but I’m not going to stress out about it.

I really tried to cut down the number of inserts to keep Project Life 2012 to two volumes … but am finding it somewhat challenging.  With that being said, I’m onto Volume 3 (October – December).

Here’s a look at Project Life, Weeks 40-47.

Week 40 :: Sept 30 – Oct 6

Samuel got a potty this week but we are NOT potty training yet.  I am NOT ready.

We got into a car accident — Samuel was in the car so he received a letter from Mercury Insurance stating that he was in a car accident.  Jim put the letter aside thinking that I’d want it for Project Life.  It isn’t something that I want him involved in but it is a first …

Week 41 :: Oct 7 – Oct 13My mom, brother and I saw President Obama in San Francisco.  Samuel calls him “Bama.”

Samuel got his first stuffed horse from his Uncle.  He named her Jess.  He now calls her Jessie.

Week 42 :: Oct 14 – Oct 20Nike Women’s Marathon weekend in San Francisco.

While I was out running with my sisters, Samuel was at home with Jim doing what boys do — bike, wrestle, bounce, laugh, and build Lego structures.  I didn’t run my best Half but enjoyed my sister’s company.

Week 43 :: Oct 21 – Oct 27Samuel’s picture appeared in Sacramento Magazine.  He and I were at a Sacramento Flash Mom Cash Mob event to support local businesses.  Surprisingly, he let Michelle Krebaum photograph him.

Week 44 :: Oct 28 – Nov 3Samuel finished breakfast and decided to be my page turner.  He loves looking through my Project Life binder — he loves seeing images of himself.  He goes through and identifies each person by name and says what they are doing with him.  He also imitates himself — it is quite a spectacle!  

 Week 45 :: Nov 4 – Nov 10

Samuel turned 21 months this week.  President Obama was re-elected.  And the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

Week 46 :: Nov 11 – Nov 17He is rather curious about the girl in the photo.  He points to her every time.

So many things to be thankful for this week: A play date with mamas and their beautiful babes.  A dance party with my boy.  A Samuel + Mama date at the park.  Jingle Bells arrived at our house (he asks for it everyday now).  A Friendship Feast with my boy at his school.  Running the Turkey Trot with my students (and passing many of them up).  And a fun birthday celebration with trampolines and foam pool!

Week 47 :: Nov 18 – Nov 24 (Thanksgiving Break)Great week.  Spent the weekend at my mom’s.  Samuel loves time with my brother.

Santa Shoot.  He refused to wear the Santa Suit … until I told him that I’d send the pictures to his Uncle. Then he agreed and named some other family members he wanted me to send photos to.

He wasn’t so into coloring the Thanksgiving Turkey — it’s an insert from our local newspaper.

We had a fantastic play date on Wednesday.  Samuel was quite the host and amazing sharer.

Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  We had the usual suspects and ate very well.


Grateful :: Thanksgiving Day.

Today, I have so many things to be grateful for.

Grateful for my health.  Samuel and I were out with 27,300 other people to Run to Feed the Hungry.  It has become our Thanksgiving morning tradition.

Grateful for beautiful weather.  Last year we ran in the rain.

Grateful for this face — the smile and twinkle in his eye gets me every time. 

Grateful for a happy and healthy family.  Grateful for the love, support and kindness I’ve received in the past year.  

Grateful for his love of books and stories and reading.  We had a play date yesterday and he snuck away for a few minutes to read a book.  

Grateful for home cooked comfort food.  (Samuel asked me for a horse on the pie — see bottom left for my pathetic attempt at a horse.)

Grateful for his patience.  He let me cut his hair this afternoon.  He must have flushed the toilet half a dozen times to keep himself entertained.

Grateful for quiet moments.

Grateful for my mom.  She is his only grandparent — so thankful that he gets to know her.  Also grateful for pretend play.  Tonight, he made her chicken soup with beans and noodles.  She was a champ — pretending to drink the hot soup, telling him how wonderful it was, etc.  He just beamed with joy.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  Hope yours was just as wonderful.

Grateful :: Day 20 & 21

11.20.12 :: grateful for our colorful neighborhood.  Samuel and I really enjoy walking/riding through our neighborhood kicking the leaves, picking up leaves and acorns, and enjoying the cool breeze on our faces.

11.21.12 :: grateful for these women (and all of the other women in my life).  Thank you for filling my heart with so much joy, love and laughter.

I am also grateful for my hobby and being able to share it with my boy (and anyone else who wants a peek at our life).  Documenting stories.  Celebrating the ordinary (and sometimes mundane) moments.  I love capturing our daily life.  If the weather is nice, I will take and post photos of my Project Life in the next few days.

Tonight, my heart is full.

Grateful :: day 17-19

11.17.12 :: grateful for this active and babbling young lad.  He doesn’t seem to ever run out of energy.  He is talking a ton — stuff like, love you mama, thank you dada (without prompting), bye-bye house, nice horse (while petting his stuffed horse), and more apple please.  I love him at this stage (and all the stages before).  Each month brings more firsts, new words, and new discoveries.  21 month olds are fun!

11.18.12 :: grateful for delicious meals at my mom’s.

11.19.12 :: grateful for a great laugh.  While Samuel was supposed to be napping this afternoon, I hear “gad-dee up!  gad-dee up!”  I walk in to find him riding the horse in his crib while hollering “gad-dee up!” and “neigh.”   (Oh, I also have to add that while we were walking around the mall today, he was neighing and galloping from shop to shop.  Funniest thing ever.)

Grateful :: day 14-16

11.14.12 :: grateful for his patience.  His chill attitude.  His willingness for an adventure.  His silliness.  Grateful for sunny afternoons.  Grateful for mama + samuel date on Wednesdays.

11.15.12 :: grateful for holiday song books (current favorite is Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman) and the Learning Tower.  It puts him at counter height so he can be part of the action in our kitchen/great room.  He helps me cook.  Mix ingredients.  Read.  Color.  It allows him to be present.   The Learning Tower is the best thing a mama could ask for.

11.16.12 :: grateful for FaceTime.  My mama is now connected to the web and will be able to have more FaceTime on the iPad with a certain little somebody.  How awesome is that?

Halloween Science Spooktacular 2012

I am retiring.  Retiring from Halloween Spooktacular, that is … at least for the time being.

I have done it for five years.  Prior to having Samuel, my life was about work — about finding interesting things to bring into the classroom to pique the curiosity of my students, generate interest and stimulate young minds.  And now that Samuel is in my world, my priorities have changed.  Planning such an event takes a great deal of time and energy — and it takes time away from him.  He is my only one.  I will only get to experience firsts once.  And I certainly don’t want to miss a thing.

So the decision has been made.  It is somewhat bittersweet.

Here’s a look at my last Halloween Science Spooktacular …

Setting the stage.

The ever famous burning book … is an absolute shocker to the kids!

Getting a feel for the mood of the room.

Telling the future with a cauldron crystal ball.

Collecting blood for future spells.

Mushing the cranium of someone who is negative and disrespectful.

Feeding positive thoughts into young minds, thereby hypnotizing to do whatever it is that I want them to do …

Wizards make pretty flames.

Dancing a jig before the big “whoosh!”

Roasting marshmallows from the flame of a burning snowman (unfortunately, he collapsed a few minutes after I put him on fire).

Meeting my ultimate goal — generating excitement and interest in my subject area.  Science is fun and these kids know it.  Look at their faces!

The faces of young scientists.  These are the faces of our future.  I am grateful for their assistance and excitement for what I do.

Special thanks to the folks who have supported my crazy ideas.  To Patti Duncan for inspiring me all those years ago at NSTA.  To D. Ishikawa for the amazing photos.  To Samuel for your love and ever so curious eye.  To Jim for staying up with Samuel so I could get a good night sleep before my show.