Around Here …

Around here, we are enjoying a much needed break from work.  We are on Spring Break — which is about to come to an end in a couple of days.

Around here, I am getting caught up with Project Life.  I am printing photos from home and am doing my best to journal on a daily basis.  I am almost caught up — just have a few bits and pieces to add here and there.

Around here, I decided to do an update on the last couple of months.  February and March were crazy months — so here’s a photo update about what we’ve been up to lately.

Around here, someone turned ONE.  We celebrated with a rocket themed birthday party complete with a rocket-roller coaster ride, a photo booth, and rocket shaped shaped crayon party favors!

Around here, someone enjoyed his birthday cake way too much.

Around here, someone got his first taste of ice cream.  He liked the taste, not the cold.

Around here, someone had his one year doctor’s visit.  He’s a bit small (in weight and height) for his age but he’s doing really well.  Super active.  Super talkative.  Super fun to be around.

Around here, someone sent his mama flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Around here, someone loves playing outside.

Around here, someone loves his giraffe pillow and blanket.  He will take a break while playing to rest his head on his pillow.

Around here, someone gets more fun mail than me.

Around here, we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  She tured 72 in March.

Around here, someone showed up at school to support his mama’s Math and Science event.  (I basically spent the entire month of February planning for this event.  We had 30 interactive math and science activities — including the Human Shrink wrap!)

Around here, someone enjoyed a weekend with his Auntie Thao — she’s the one who makes beautiful hand knit sweaters and hats.  And yes, she made the one he’s wearing in the photo.

Around here, I ran my personal best half marathon.  2:29:00 to be exact!  After meeting my personal goal, I stopped running.  Ha!  My goal was to do a half under 2:30:00 and now that I’ve done it — I don’t feel like training for another.  I would, however, like to train for a tri.  That’s next on my list.

Around here, someone is a great little helper!  I pick the tangerines and he puts them in the bag for me.

Around here, somebody is walking!  A whole new level of freedom for him which means craziness for us.

Around here, I enjoyed another spirit week at school.

Around here, I joined in on another Flash Mob — this time, we danced to Beat it!

Around here, someone went to San Francisco for the first time.

Around here, someone loved his first bike ride with his daddy.

Around here, someone is growing up so fast.  I can’t believe I have a toddler!

Around here, someone received a new hand knit sweater.

Around here, we are enjoying time together.  We are enjoying lazy days filled with lots of outdoor fun and naps.  We love watching this little boy of ours grow, learn, and experience life.