Project Life :: Looking at Week 1 + 2 in 2011 + 2012

Project Life in one word : awesome.


I love it. It is so cool to see Samuel’s growth over the past year.

So many people are doing it.  (Are you?)  It’s all over Facebook.  And Pinterest.  And on everybody’s blog — including mine.  It has taken over the internet in the scrapbooking world.  It has changed how many of us scrapbook — including me!

I have three volumes for Project Life in 2011.

I still have holes to complete in 2011.  I am working on it slowly.  The photos are all there … along with bits and pieces of stuff and journaling.  I hope to fill in the holes in the next couple of months.

The first two weeks of 2011 were very different than 2012.  Take a look …

Week 01 2011 ::  I was 34 weeks pregnant.  I took a great fall (on a glue stick) and ended up in the ER for four hours — scared me half to death and made me realize that Samuel would soon be on his way.  We were also in the process of selling our Fallon home.

Week 01 2012 :: Samuel is 11 months old.  He babbles, cruises along furniture, explores the entire house — wants to be a part of everything — giggles, snorts, laughs, shrieks, and wants to walk.  Life is so different this January and we love it.  Already in the first week, we attended two birthday parties.  We have many more in January and February.

I love the journaling cards for this year’s kit.  Love that there are lines on the back so it is easier to continue the story.

Week 02 2011 :: 35 weeks pregnant.  Baby shower #1.  Drank lots of orange juice.  Made lots of lemon sorbet.  Prepped milk bags for ice cream lab.

Week 02 2012 :: Playdates.  Watching Samuel get excited over a pair of socks he found while crawling around the house.  No more school/work related stuff in my Project Life — the focus is on me, Jim and the little man.

I find myself writing more because I don’t want to miss a thing!  He’s growing and learning so much at this age.  And he’s so fun.  It is awesome to watch him learn.

When I started Project Life 3 years ago, I thought I’d do it for one year and that would be it.  Boy, was I wrong.

Project Life.  Love it.  Crave it.  Need it.

In Honor of National Hat Day …

It all began with a move back to Northern California and a hat from REI years ago.

In 2010, I had enough hats to make a layout for a Scrapbook Challenge I hosted on my blog.

Where are the hats from?
FIRST ROW: Delux Koala, Delux Owl (I actually picked this one up in a small coastal town in Oregon), Icelandic Designs (purchased at REI)
SECOND ROW: Icelandic Designs (purchased at REI), Delux Zebra, Delux Cow
THIRD ROW:  Delux Rabbit, Delux Penguin (Given to me by my dear friend Kelly from Green Tangerines.  She picked it up for me in Colorado.), Icelandic Designs (Christmas gift 2009)
FOURTH ROW: Newsboy Hat (Hat People), Where the Wild Things Are (Purchased in Pike’s Place in Seattle – handmade there.  I refer to this one as the “Where the Wild Things Are” hat but my friends refer to this one as the “Pillow Cushion” hat.), Delux Ladybug.

I stopped buying hats for a while — cause I felt that it was getting out of control.  And when I became a mama, I wasn’t sure if I should continue collecting and wearing such strange looking hats.  That moment passed quickly as I continued to sport my animal hats to my Mommy & Me gatherings and errands around town with my baby boy.

I picked up a few hats along the way in 2011 but most were made for me or given as gifts.

In December of 2011, I decided that I would only add one hat to my collection per year.  So I asked for the Delux Giraffe hat.  One evening, we made a stop at Urban Outfitters and that idea was tossed out the window.  That evening, Jim purchased FOUR hats for me for Hanukkah and Christmas.  They were on clearance for $10 — unheard of for Delux Knitwits!

This morning, Good Day Sacramento (a local news program) celebrated National Hat Day by asking their viewers to submit hat photos.  I submitted the photo of Samuel and me wearing the giraffe hat followed by  the photo collage of my hat collection (from 2010).  Cody, one of their anchors, commented that I have a hat problem.  I beg to differ.

And in honor of National Hat Day, I decided to create a new collage to show you a bit more of my collection …

Where are the hats from?
FIRST ROW: Delux Yeti, Hand Knit Dolphin Hat (made for me by my sister), Delux Bear (from Urban Outfitters)
SECOND ROW: Hand Knit by my mother in 2008, Ram (Christmas gift 2010), Elmo (Hand crochet by local artist)
THIRD ROW:  Hand Knit Purple/Pink Hat (made for me by my sister), Delux Cookie Monster (purchased at Urban Outfitters), Hat with Big Brim (hand felted by Nana Campini)
FOURTH ROW: Green Hat with Ear Flaps (made by Karen, given to me at my baby shower — she made a matching one for Samuel), Bear Hat (given to me by my friend Damiane), and Pink/Beige Hat with Flower (hand crocheted by Nana Campini).

At 11 months, Samuel has a pretty good sized collection as well.  I did not have time today to put together a collage of his hats, but I will leave you with this photo of him in a hand knit hat (with matching mittens) made by my sister.

This Kid

is always on the move.  And he moves fast.

is almost 11 months old.

wants to open every single cabinet in the house.

loves to take things out.  And then put them back in — well, just what he wants to put back in.

is trying to figure out how to open the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink.  He is determined to break through the child safety locks.

loves hanging out at home with us.

refuses to nap.  Wants to play and be part of all the action.

is getting his appetite back.  He’s been sick for a few days.

loves to play his version of peek-a-boo called Where is Samuel?

is seriously teething.  Number 4 is coming in!

shrieks and squeals all the time.

claps at everything.

is a drool and snot machine.

pulls himself up to standing position readily – with no effort at all.

is cruising along the furniture.

stand by himself for two-alligator seconds.

periodically crawls to his daddy’s office looking for him.

is the sweetest thing on the planet.  Speaking of the sweetest thing, my photographer friend, Kira (of Kira Lauren Photography) came over in November for a play date and photo session.  She has a eye for capturing life — unscripted, raw images of people in their element, doing their thang.  She’s good.  She’s really good.  She is a major source of inspiration for me.  Check out the photos of me and Samuel doing our thang here.  Thanks, Kira.

Hello 2012.

On February 7, 2011 we welcomed our son, Samuel, and have been captivated by his huge brown eyes and gorgeous smile ever since.  We celebrated many firsts – first successful diaper change (where we didn’t end up getting sprayed), first bath, first smile, first laugh, first roll, first time eating solids, and first clap.  We clap at everything – who knew that even the littlest things deserve a clap!  Samuel is almost eleven months old and is pulling himself up, cruising along the furniture, and loves to get into Autumn’s scrapbooking stuff. Samuel is an energetic, spunky, cute, adorable, strong, happy, funny little man – we love seeing his personality emerging.  He is also very observant – studies everything with intense curiosity before taking any action.  We think we may have a scientist or mathematician in the making!

We are excited for 2012!  We are excited to celebrate more firsts — first steps, first birthday, first ice cream sundae at Leatherby’s, first taste of whole milk — and have more family adventures.

Hello Project Life 2012.  I am excited to continue documenting our daily lives and celebrate the small (normal, and mundane) moments that will be awesome to look back on years from now.

Project Life 2011 continues to be a work in progress for me — I have three volumes.  Yes, that’s correct.  THREE We R Memory Keepers binder albums worth of photos, notes, and tidbits of our everyday lives.  I have some holes to fill in but am so glad I took a year worth of photos of our little family.

Project Life has been a great place to store bits of papers that would otherwise go into a file folder and drawer.

Project Life has been a great place to store gas receipts (for the entire year — so cool to see it fluctuate over the course of the year), student artwork, and party invites.

Project Life has been a great way to document Samuel’s first year of life.

I am thrilled to be doing Project Life again this year.

Hello 2012 resolutions.

I am keeping the list short this year.  Sticking with five main goals.

  1. Simplify.  Reduce the clutter.  Seriously.
  2. Read more.  (Started Hunger Games last night.)
  3. Move more.  Eat less.  (This includes signing up for Sac Fit, running a marathon and completing a triathlon).
  4. Learn the ins and outs of my camera.  Play with light.
  5. Be the best mom and partner that I can be (and still do the things I love).