Stroller Babes

Being a new mama means having new mama friends.  I met this wonderful group of women at Kaiser’s Mommy & Me group.  We meet weekly at Kaiser to share the ups + downs of mamahood, tips and tricks, give our kiddos a chance to hang out with each other and see the various stages of development.

We now meet on Thursdays at McKinley Park to continue our chatter, walk/run and enjoy some sun.  We call ourselves the Stroller Babes. And today, the local paper came out to take our photo and interview some of us for a little story about labor and delivery.

Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon & 5K

7:35 am : Jewels and me at the start line.  She ran the 1/2 marathon while I ran the 5K.

7:40 am : Group photo with Jewels and her Sac Fit running team.

7:50 am : As I made my way to the 5K start line, I ran into my friend Kristen and my principal Felicia.

8:00 am : Started the 5K.  Ran a 2/1 interval at a moderate pace to keep the heart rate under 140 beats per minute.

8:45 am : I am woman, hear me roar!  Finished the race in 42:00 minutes.  Personal best for being pregnant.  (I stopped running around 7 weeks and began a walking routine.  It wasn’t until recently that I picked up running again.  My belly is getting bigger but I’m getting used to having this sweet baby boy growing inside of me.)

8:47 am : Stopped for a photo at the Finisher banner.  I am one happy mama-to-be!  Can you believe I have a cow hat for the occasion?!?

After my race, we drove to the 10 mile marker to cheer on our friend Jewels.  She looked strong and was full of smiles.

We drove back to the race to watch her cross the finish line with her personal best time of 2:33:00.  Way to go, Jewels!