December Daily 2010 : 11

Today I …

am 30 weeks, 5 days preggo.

walked 3.5 miles.

ate pancakes and sausages for breakfast.

created a baby registry at Target and Babies R Us.  Julie and Kara came with me to help make the process less overwhelming.

am excited about meeting this little boy.

had lunch at the Noodle Company with Kara and Julie.

shopped for Christmas gifts.

am grateful for my health.

am thinking about mom.

am missing dad.

December Daily 2010 : 03

Left Page : Peanut says, “Relax mama.”

Right Page : The journaling can be found underneath the photo on the right.

The bottom of the photo folds up to reveal the journaling.

I attached a piece of pattern paper and tag to the back of the photo.  The pattern paper was a bit longer than the photo so that I could fold it over to attach the lined patterned paper that contained the text.

JOURNALING: Today was a mellow work day.  The kids behaved themselves and I was able to get some grading done while they worked on stuff.  I also got to sit occasionally and put my feet up.  I am beginning to see spider veins on my legs and they are freaking me out!  My current mantra: Relax.  Relax.  Put your feet up.  Relax.

A package from A Muse Arts Stamps arrived in the mail with a dozen Copic markers I ordered last week (along with a few stamps).  They were 30% off so I had to get myself an early Christmas gift.

The day got crazy when darkness came and I hadn’t run my errands.  I had Gu and PayDays to pick up, plus finalize the details of Julie’s Cheering Team.  (She’s running a marathon on Sunday!)  By the way, PayDays are really hard to find!  I was exhausted by nightfall.  I did remember to relax, put my feet up and take some time to count Peanut’s kicks.  (My doctor wants me to record his movements daily.)

I’ll share Day 04 and 05 tomorrow.  I was out all day cheering on my friend, Jewels, who successfully completed her first marathon and now, I’m exhausted.  I also have about 65 papers to grade by Monday morning.

December Daily

I love Ali’s December Daily project so much that I’m doing it again this year.

Laura and I completed the foundation pages of our book this weekend.  We decided to go with Ali’s foundation page formula — transparency with number + daily template for photos and words.  Here’s a peek at my transparencies.

I had a few transparencies from years past but had to pick up a few more at Green Tangerines and Scrapbook Territory.  I will do a complete post of my foundation pages tomorrow.

December Daily 2009 :: 05 + 06

It has been freezing cold here.  I went for a run yesterday morning in 20 degree weather!  My body never warmed up — in fact, my legs were completely stiff and it was a struggle to finish 3 miles.

Because it has been so cold, all I want to do is curl up under a blank and sleep (or watch tv — anything other than work).  I tried to work on December Daily last night but I could barely keep my eyes open.  After I get off this couch, I hope to get days 9 & 10 done.

Day 5


On Saturday, I went out with a couple friends to shop for ornaments.  Each year, I pick up a few new ornaments — something that represents an event or trip from that year.


Ornaments: (1) Let’s Take a Ride Mickey Mouse 2009 – represents our first hot air balloon ride in Park City, Utah, (2) Blue Crab from Chincoteague island, VA and (3) Ice Cream Cone – represents his sweet tooth (His motto: I may be full, but there’s always room for dessert.)

Here’s a look at the original page 5:


Day 6


I went to the Christmas Tree lot this weekend and found this 4 ft tall beauty.  She’s small but fits perfectly in our home.


The major event around town this weekend was the California International Marathon.  I did not run but was out there in the freezing cold to cheer on my friend Jewels, who ran in a 4-person relay.  I will not run a marathon (been there, done that and hated it!) but I would love to participate in a 2-person relay.

Here’s what the page looked like before:


I changed the original page because I wanted a quick and easy way to document two events for one day. The baseball card sheet protector provided the foundation for this simple page.  I kept the flower and number from the original page — I just trimmed it to fit inside the pocket.

December Daily 2009 :: 04


Today was perfect because I left school without any papers — ABSOLUTELY none!  I do not have to grade anything this weekend.  I’m sure I will manage to find stuff to do … like go shopping for a new ornament, drive to Davis for the Farmer’s Market and perhaps make a stop a the Hotdogger, see a movie, create more pages, finish my Photo Log inspiration journal.


Ten things that make me happy today:

  1. hot cocoa
  2. flannel pajamas
  3. Kuhl sweater (they are so warm)
  4. Friday night dinner with friends
  5. watching t.v.
  6. playing with paper
  7. talking with dad (looking forward to seeing him later this month)
  8. relaxing
  9. strawberries in December
  10. and ABSOLUTELY no grading!


Me time – taking time each day to capture moments and document stories.

December Daily 2009 :: 03


I am a runner.  I run for fun.  I run for charities.  I run to stay in shape.  I run to think about stuff.  I run for pie and sweets.  I run to release stress.  I run just to run.   I run for me.

I am up at 5 a.m. and am out of the door by 5:15.  Most days, I run with Julie, but today I run alone.  It is dark, cold and foggy out there.  The light from the street lamps are scattered so my visibility is greatly diminished.  My eyes slowly adjust to the darkness as my legs continue to hit the ground, one after the other.  Initially, I am cold – the chill seeps through my gloves and layers of clothing, penetrating through my body and into my bones.  After a few minutes, I am comfortable running in the middle of the street; my legs and arms continue to do their thing while my mind begins to wander.  I think about the day ahead – how I will present the day’s lesson, the list of things I need to accomplish, and gifts I want to give. I also think about how my life will change in the next few months.  Ideas for projects have time to percolate. Fleetwood Mac, a longtime favorite, is playing on my iPod and occasionally, when the moment is right, I burst into song.  Today, there are less than a dozen people out.  As winter approaches, I suspect that there will be fewer and fewer runners braving the wintry, dark conditions.  I, however, will continue my morning routine, plodding along the cold damp pavement, letting my mind wander and dreaming of good things to come.