Creating Stuff.

Oh, my!  I forgot what it feels like to create.  It has been too long.

I found some time during spring break to make a couple of layouts.  It was a joy to spend time with my boys — and without work in the way, I was inspired to create pages about our time together.

First up, a page about our first family bike ride.  Our little guy loves to ride so we invested in a front mount bike seat for him.

Samuel loved his first bike ride.  The helmet did not bother him once he saw us wearing ours too.

The “Enjoy the Ride” and bike stamp are from the April Studio Calico kit.  It arrived just as I was finishing up the page.

Since the weather was so nice, we took a trip to the Davis Arboretum.  The path is paved so it was perfect for a family stroll.  Everything was lush and green and beautiful.

Oh, how I just adore these two photos.  Love the hats.  Love watching them together.

I love the wood letters on this layout — they’re from a Studio Calico kit.  And I can’t get enough of the washi tape.  Definitely want more of it.

Creating these pages made my heart happy.  It rejuvenated my soul.  It made me think of all the wonderful women I met through the years — and reminded me how awesome this hobby is.

I need create more.  I will create more.

Speaking of creating more, I will be playing along with Ali this April in documenting a Week in the Life.  Who else is playing along?

I also signed up for Ali’s 31 Things class through Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It starts May 17 — a few days before school gets out.  Yay! I look forward to telling more stories and getting more pages into my book, his book and our book.

Here’s to creating stuff.  Let’s get busy, friends.

We are at 5 months.

Holy cow!  Where did the time go?

As I observed Samuel play, laugh, babble, bounce, and sleep today, I could not help but marvel at how fast my boy is growing and changing.  He is happy.  Excited.  Curious.  Observant.  Mellow.  Funny.  Serious.  Quiet.  Loud.  He has brought so much joy and love into my life.  My heart feels full today (and every day because he makes life that good).

Here is a peek into his room from the hallway.  We are trying to keep things simple and not have too much clutter. The walls are pretty bare so I am working on putting up fun visuals (like cool hats made by dear friends).

As he grows out of clothes, I save some for a future quilt and donate the rest to new mommies (or the Goodwill).  Samuel loves being read to so we have baskets of books everywhere in the house.

At five months, Samuel …

weighs 15 lbs 4.8 ounces and measures 26 inches.

is enjoying tummy time!  Can be on his tummy for 30+ minutes and rotate himself 360 degrees by kicking his legs and grabbing hold of the blanket and pulling himself around.  It’s kinda like magic – we don’t actually see him turn but he does!  Will hold his head up high to get a glimpse of the t.v.

squeals all the time!  (It is probably annoying to other people but we LOVE it!)

can booty scoot.  Started booty scooting with his dad while he recovered from hip replacement surgery.  Earned the nickname “booty scooter” or “scooter” from all the scooting he has been doing.

has cute chunky legs and arms (and what I call rubber band wrists).  And when he’s full of milk, he has a cute Buddha belly!

is a good napper (again)!  He takes 3 naps a day – between 30 minutes to 2 hours!

poos 1-3 times a day but not as predictable as before.  Occasionally has blowouts that end up on his tummy!  Yeah, no joke.  How does he do that?

continue to be a drool machine – it’s on his shirt, arms, toys, me – everywhere!

gnaws on everything he can get his hands on – his shirt & sleep gown, our fingers when we’re holding him, Sophie the giraffe (a favorite now that he has figured that her legs fit perfectly in his mouth), alligator rattle (his had is crusty from all that drool), taggies, burp rags, and blankets.

loves to hide under the covers and play “Where is Samuel?”  When we respond with “There he is!” he has a big-o grin on his face and immediately hide under the covers again.

loves to make scratching sounds with his fingers.  Scratch the sofa.  Scratch the bumpers on your bed.  Scratch the blankets while on his tummy.  This is the one thing that really irritates me — reminds me of scratching your fingers on the chalkboard.  Eek!

loves it when we make sounds and funny facial expressions.  He is giddy and shrieks of uncontrollable laughter can be heard throughout the entire house when he hears a sound that he likes.

can do a tripod sit for about a minute before wobbling.

loves being read to.  Favorites include Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Hop on Pop, Oh, the Things You Can Think, & There’s A Woset in my Closet.  He looks at and touches the pages with interest.

loves to dance.  Well — he loves movement.  He loves it when I hold him in my arms and boogie.  He grins, laughs and kicks his legs in excitement.

pull himself into an upright position (like he’s doing crunches).  We joke that he is going to have killer baby abs by the time he turns one.  Ha!

plays with his toes.  And are sucking on them.  The first couple of times were pretty discreet (7/5 in bed and 7/6 while sitting on the bumbo) – he pulled them away when he saw me looking at him.  Evidence of drool & wetness reveal that they had indeed been in his mouth!

is blowing a ton of raspberries (with projectile spit).

started babbling again!  Oh, how I adore his babbles!  I could listen his babbles forever.

He is the sweetest baby on the planet.  I am lucky to be his momma.

In addition to being a momma to what feels like two babies in the last month, I was able to squeeze in some time to make a few more pages for Samuel’s baby book.

SNP layout inspired by a sketch at Studio Calico.  I’m thinking that this will be the cover page of his book.

Snugglin’:  You love to sleep snuggled up on daddy.  He also loves it because it takes him forever to put you down.  As you get older (and heavier) these tender moments are becoming less common but more precious.

Creative Time = Awesome Time

I am going through Samuel’s photos — organizing, editing and deleting (very few!) — and marvel at how much he has grown and changed in the last 5 months.

Inspired by Susan Weinroth’s First Month page about her boy Noah, I decided to make one about my little Samuel.  And in that first month, he was little.

Looking back, I wish I had taken better photos of him as a newborn.  I wish I had taken more detail photos of him — like his scrawny legs and arms, wrinkly skin, short & tiny eyelashes, bellybutton, etc.

As you can tell, I am in love with the Rocket Age collection from October Afternoon. (Jim and I love the fifties and rockets so what’s there not to like about these vintage inspired papers?)  I keep thinking that I want to buy several sheets of each pattern paper so that I’ll have it for Samuel’s babybook.  I would hate for them to discontinue this collection.

I’ve been feeling a bit crafty (or should I say stitchy?) because I am been sewing more than usual.  And check this out — I’m stitching more than just paper!

I made decorative burp rags for my friends’ babies but did not make any for my own while I was pregnant.  I picked up this rocket themed fabric while at Joann Fabrics a couple of weeks ago and made these colorful burp rags for my little guy.

I had no idea that these little taggies (tag blankets) are such a big hit with the little ones.  About a month ago, I made one for Samuel with dinosaur on it and he loved it.  The bright colors and “tags” caught his attention and brought a smile to his face each time we held it up in front of him.  Now, he gnaws on it and leaves it drenched with saliva.  I recently added a couple more to his collection so that when one gets dirty, he has another to gnaw on.

What’s next on my list to do?

Make a quilt using this Michael Miller Retro Rockets fabric:

I had a piece of it a few years ago and used it to decorate t-shirts for a contest.  I came across it again a few weeks ago and decided that I have to have it.

And I want to learn to crochet.  I want to make stuff like this for the little man (and for me too).

It just dawned on me tonight that we’ve been on summer vacation for more than one month.  I can’t believe it’s already July.  That means August is just around the corner.  And I will have to return to work and leave this little cute boy at daycare.  Dang!

Made with Love

Now that we’ve got Samuel back to sleeping through the night, this momma finally gets some time to herself (after the household chores are done, of course).  By the way, when I say household chores — it really means one chore per day!  This then allows me to have some creative time. Or time to veg in front of the t.v.  Or time to organize the thousands of photos I have of Samuel.

Anyway, because I’m actually getting some sleep and squeezing in some creative time, I feel like a brand new woman!

I was on the Studio Calico blog and was inspired by their June 26 Sunday Sketch.  Here’s my take on the sketch:

The onesies were all decorated by friends at my baby shower.  Samuel is starting to grow out of them so I thought I’d better take photos of him in them before I can no longer snap the snaps!

I made the banner by punching 1-inch circles, folded them in half and stitch them on the sewing machine.

Christmas in May

I have many summer projects on my to-do list.   One of the first things on the list is: getting rid of the clutter.  That’s right — reorganize the house to get rid of the junk (and in the process, make room for more junk).  Ha!

As I went through my old scrap space yesterday, I found Christmas photos buried under piles of stuff.  Yeah, mostly scrap stuff that I need to donate, give away, or sell.  I’ve never done a giveaway on the blog before, so perhaps I’ll organize my stash and do a giveaway here.

Anyway, as I was organizing my scrap stuff, I came across all of my Christmas embellishments and papers.  You know how some people are really into decorating for the holidays and they have a ton of boxes of decorations?  Well, I have very little holiday decor, but I have plenty of holiday scrapbooking supplies.  I have enough to put several December Daily books together without having to buy any more stuff.  Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Well, after a bit of cleaning, I settled in my scrap space (which is now a 6×8 section of our home) and made a layout using the Christmas photos that I uncovered earlier in the day. I used the December Green Tangerines Kit plus some fun embellishments from my Christmas stash.  I must say that the Green Tangerines kits are chock-full of supplies — I made some layouts in December and still have supplies left over for even more pages!

The following layout is based on the sketch 189 from Pencil Lines.  Thinking about entering it into their gallery …

Isn’t that ribbon awesome?

The button is from American Crafts and the merry & bright chipboard is from Scenic Route.

Stay tuned for some crafty projects …

Speaking of, I just wanted to let you know that Ali is accepting submissions for her Stories of Summer project.  Layouts, project, etc are due on June 9!  Check out the details on her blog.