In Honor of National Hat Day …

It all began with a move back to Northern California and a hat from REI years ago.

In 2010, I had enough hats to make a layout for a Scrapbook Challenge I hosted on my blog.

Where are the hats from?
FIRST ROW: Delux Koala, Delux Owl (I actually picked this one up in a small coastal town in Oregon), Icelandic Designs (purchased at REI)
SECOND ROW: Icelandic Designs (purchased at REI), Delux Zebra, Delux Cow
THIRD ROW:  Delux Rabbit, Delux Penguin (Given to me by my dear friend Kelly from Green Tangerines.  She picked it up for me in Colorado.), Icelandic Designs (Christmas gift 2009)
FOURTH ROW: Newsboy Hat (Hat People), Where the Wild Things Are (Purchased in Pike’s Place in Seattle – handmade there.  I refer to this one as the “Where the Wild Things Are” hat but my friends refer to this one as the “Pillow Cushion” hat.), Delux Ladybug.

I stopped buying hats for a while — cause I felt that it was getting out of control.  And when I became a mama, I wasn’t sure if I should continue collecting and wearing such strange looking hats.  That moment passed quickly as I continued to sport my animal hats to my Mommy & Me gatherings and errands around town with my baby boy.

I picked up a few hats along the way in 2011 but most were made for me or given as gifts.

In December of 2011, I decided that I would only add one hat to my collection per year.  So I asked for the Delux Giraffe hat.  One evening, we made a stop at Urban Outfitters and that idea was tossed out the window.  That evening, Jim purchased FOUR hats for me for Hanukkah and Christmas.  They were on clearance for $10 — unheard of for Delux Knitwits!

This morning, Good Day Sacramento (a local news program) celebrated National Hat Day by asking their viewers to submit hat photos.  I submitted the photo of Samuel and me wearing the giraffe hat followed by  the photo collage of my hat collection (from 2010).  Cody, one of their anchors, commented that I have a hat problem.  I beg to differ.

And in honor of National Hat Day, I decided to create a new collage to show you a bit more of my collection …

Where are the hats from?
FIRST ROW: Delux Yeti, Hand Knit Dolphin Hat (made for me by my sister), Delux Bear (from Urban Outfitters)
SECOND ROW: Hand Knit by my mother in 2008, Ram (Christmas gift 2010), Elmo (Hand crochet by local artist)
THIRD ROW:  Hand Knit Purple/Pink Hat (made for me by my sister), Delux Cookie Monster (purchased at Urban Outfitters), Hat with Big Brim (hand felted by Nana Campini)
FOURTH ROW: Green Hat with Ear Flaps (made by Karen, given to me at my baby shower — she made a matching one for Samuel), Bear Hat (given to me by my friend Damiane), and Pink/Beige Hat with Flower (hand crocheted by Nana Campini).

At 11 months, Samuel has a pretty good sized collection as well.  I did not have time today to put together a collage of his hats, but I will leave you with this photo of him in a hand knit hat (with matching mittens) made by my sister.

Happiness is …

a cute, noisy, curious, mobile boy.

a lucky find at the antique fair — an adorable pint-size vinyl rocker for my little rocker.

checking out your friend’s toys before having your mama buy you your own.

a little brown box.  (I got Ali’s December Daily kit and am excited to work on my foundation pages.)

reading to a boy who loves to be read to.

listening to Ba Ngoai sing sweet lullabies in Vietnamese.

sleeping in whatever position you find most comfortable — even if others don’t feel the same.

hearing his laughter, giggles, chuckles, and babbles.

presents from Ba Ngoai.

being outside.

keeping warm from the fall chill with a hand-knit blanket from a loving and talented auntie!

keeping warm with hand-knit hats and vests.  Thank you Ba Ngoai and Auntie Thao!

discovering that you can’t go through a sliding glass door but it makes a cool sound when you tap on the glass panes.

exploring a glass jar.

the freedom to roam.  Being mobile is the best thing ever — for Samuel that is!

escaping into your own little world — to be who you are, explore independently, and enjoy life.

life with this little boy.  I am grateful for a loving and easy-going boy.

This girl …

lives in Portland.

is my sister.

is smart, down to earth and super sweet.

is a total hipster.

is in love with my little man, Samuel.

is a yarn snob (and happily admits it).

has an awesome collection of yarn.

is an amazing knitter.

makes stuff like this …

(check out the detail in that sweater!)

(Samuel is one lucky boy!  This is his fourth hand knit sweater.  He actually only has three because I lost one.  Absolutely bummed about it … hope that whoever finds it adores it as much as I did.)

and this …

and this …

This girl is amazing.  And she’s amazing with him.  So much happiness and love between the two of them.

My heart is full of joy this October evening.

I Heart Handmade

I love anything handmade.  Anything.

I don’t knit or crochet or sew and so I’m in awe of the women who can create such beautiful masterpieces.

Samuel and I are lucky to be surrounded by many talented and loving ladies.  For his baby shower, Samuel was given enough blankies and hats to start his own collection.

One of our favorites is this precious quilt made by my dear friend Julie.  This hand quilted piece was a true labor of love — each spiral took her 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  I love its simple design with the detailed quilting.

The following pieces were made by Sue, Debbie, Sally and Melinda.  All are warm, beautiful, and treasured pieces that have their own home around our house.

Because I am a collector of hats, some of my dear friends thought that Samuel should have his own collection of hats (and handmade items) too.

This lovely green hat, which arrived in time for St. Patrick’s Day, was made by Jennifer Judy, a super sweet gal in the River Park Mother’s Group.  Jennifer makes and sells a beautiful collection of crochet hats here.

Scrapbook Challenge : Collections

When I told my non-scrapbooker friends that I’m doing a project on collections, they looked at me and said, “You’re so weird!”  OK, so tell me something I don’t know.  Anyway, many of them say don’t collect anything, but after I’ve planted the seed in their heads, they ponder it over and come up with a plethora of things!

As for me, I’m a huge collector of hats.  And Dansko shoes (absolutely love them).  And costumes.  And because I’m a scrapbooker, I’m also a collector of paper, adhesives, letter stickers, photos and stories.

For this challenge, I’ve decided to showcase my hat collection.  It is my signature piece.  It makes me, me.  My friends make fun, but my hats always bring smiles to the faces of the many strangers I cross paths with.  I remember sitting at a restaurant enjoying my burger when this little four year old boy walks by and shyly whispers, “I love your hat.” and walks away.  It was the cutest thing because it was totally unexpected.

This layout was inspired by Lisa Dickinson’s recent Fun with Fonts blog entry on the WCS blog.  I love mixing fonts and when I saw Lisa‘s work, I was immediately inspired.  I don’t love my handwriting, but I thought I’d try to write the word on cardstock and cut it out with sharp scissors.  It was somewhat tedious, but I love the way it turned out!  And by the way, these photos are all self-portraits!

Here’s a look at some of the other contributors to this challenge.

Laura : She has an impressive collection of Starbucks cups.  I know because I’ve seen them, in person!  I love the framing of the photos within the black lines and the bit of detail at the top of the page.  Laura and I think alike because we both included hand-drawn + hand-cut words in the title of our pages.  Love the word love.

Emily : When I initially posted this challenge, Emily wanted to be excused from it (just like the students!)  because she could not come up with anything that she collects.  Now check out this awesome page below!  I love the hand-stitching frame and handwritten journal border.  Emily, where did you get those pretty flowers?

Felicia :  What an impressive collection of books!

The following are collections from people who do not scrapbook.  Thanks for sharing your photos.

Lisa : Wind-up toys

Villeneuve Family : Duckies

Kara : Cupcake cups, cookie cutters, Disney DVDs, and many others.  She actually has many collections even though she couldn’t come up with anything when I initially asked her.  This girl is crazy about cupcakes!  She’s got amazing baking skills — and she makes personalized birthday cupcakes for those she loves.

She loves to bake and decorate cookies, hence the crazy cookie cutter collection.  Who needs this many cookie cutters, anyway?  Oh wait, not pictured here is her collection of ice cream sandwich cookie cutters.

And she has an insane collection of DVDs.  Crazypants has enough DVDs to fill two bookcases — yeah, TWO!  And she watches them all over and over again.

Kara, you can no longer say you don’t have any collections.  You have plenty!!!

It’s here …

my new penguin hat.

I bought a second penguin hat for a student.  And the dog hat is for another student.  Pretty soon, there will be a bunch of animals walking around campus.  How funny would that be?

My animal hat collection thus far: owl, zebra, rabbit, ladybug, koala, cow and penguin.  Pretty crazy, huh?