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Around Here | March 2014

Around Here is a new addition to my Project Life album this year.  It’s a place where I can add additional photos to tell our story.

140308-Ba74thBday-27Around here, we celebrated my mom’s 74th birthday.  She is beautiful, strong and independent.  I love you, mom.

140305-MSDN-115Around here, I helped organized the 7th Annual Math and Science Discovery Night.  I was thrilled to be able to organize the science portion of the event.  Honestly, I’m good at it and it feels good to be back doing something Jim and I started (and love).

Around here, Samuel and I went to Paradise Beach and enjoyed getting sand between our toes, dipping our toes in the freezing water, trying our best to skip rocks and building a lovely little sand castle equipped with a stick-leaf flag.  Wednesday afternoons are ours – now and for always.

Around here, we were thrilled with the change in daylight savings.  We love the extra hour of light.

Around here, there are lemons and tangerines on our trees.  We are drinking lemonade and fresh tangerine juice daily.

140323-BanhXeoAround here, I am bringing back the Vietnamese dishes (specifically, banh xeo and spring rolls) into our weekly meal rotation.

Around here, spring has sprung and Samuel’s allergies are worse than ever.  We are also noticing a lot of dry spots and bumps on his skin.  We can’t figure out what his skin is allergic too.

Around here, Samuel continues to take riding lessons and music classes.  He decided that soccer isn’t his sport so quit it in the middle of the season.  We are not thrilled that he quit soccer so we continue to have conversations about finishing what we start.  It has not worked yet.

140325-Swing&Birthday-49Around here, Samuel is fascinated by the swing.  It’s about time.  Ha!

Around here, I’m starting an exercise routine (again).  My ankle injury has healed and I am ready to shed some pounds.

Around here, Samuel has been eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for breakfast every morning.

Around here, I just booked our Disneyland vacation.  We are also talking about a couple other summer trips.

Around here, Spring Break is just 9 days away!  And summer vacation is 39 days from today.  Yippee!

Around here, I am thinking about my garden but I haven’t put my thoughts into action yet.

Around here, we have many unfinished projects.  We’re hoping to knock a couple of those projects out during Spring Break.

Around here, I am making smarter financial decisions.

Around here, I am reading Catching Fire (second in the Hunger Game series).

Around here, it feels like winter. I’m really enjoying the much needed rain.

140330-FamilyPhoto-15Around here, I am 3 for 3 for monthly family photos.  I’m hoping to get one where we are all looking at the camera.

Around here, we are happy.  We are having fun.  We are thriving.  That’s how it should be.

Project Life 2014 | Weeks 2, 3, 5 & 6

Last night, I went to our monthly Project Life Crop and got caught up on my 2014 album. 140329Crop

Week 02 | Jan 6-122014-Week02



Week 03 | Jan 13-19



Week 05 | Jan 27 – Feb 2



Week 6 | Samuel’s 3rd Birthday Celebration (just the three of us).

I am experimenting with how to take decent photos of my pages.  This afternoon, I found myself using my iPhone for all of the photos in this post.  It was way faster — and I didn’t have to fight the glare as much!  Interesting, huh?  How do you take photos of your pages? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

Weeks 9 – 13 will be on the blog later this week.  Thank you for stopping by!

Project Life | Week 1

The first two months of the year came and went in a flash.  Seriously.  And just like that I’m behind on my Project Life album for 2014.  I’m on week two folks.

Here’s a take a look at week one of 2014.
140109 PLJan-21

140109 PLJan-10

I managed to knock out some layouts for Samuel’s year three album.
140201 FebProjectLife-11

140201 FebProjectLife-5Samuel started drawing stick people on the whiteboard at 35 months.  I love including his artwork in the album.

140201 FebProjectLife-16The Project Life zoo themed cards are pretty awesome — so appropriate for us since we visit the zoo so often.

Things are finally slowing down around here and I am beginning to feel some kind of normalcy.  Stay tuned for more Project Life layouts as I get the ball rolling on playing catch up!

Thanks for visiting, friends!

Project Life 2013 | December

It is 9:30 pm and my boy is still awake — asking for hugs and kisses and stories.  I would really like to get some work in — or at least be able to finish my train of thought.

I am sharing my Project Life album from the month of December.140101 PL2013Dec-2Dec 02-08, 2013 | Full spread.  I was a little behind in getting the pages done for this month because I spent every evening working on holiday projects and/or December Daily.  We gave Samuel a book for each night of Hanukkah.  He does not like the jacket covers so I stuck a few of our favorite jackets in a 12×12 page protector.  Since I do not do much traditional scrapbooking anymore, I try to use my 12×12 page protectors whenever possible.  

140101 PL2013Dec-3Left page, close up.

140101 PL2013Dec-4Right page, close up | Just realized that I need to print a photo for Dec 8.  Ha!  Thought I was done but it looks like I have a couple of holes.

140101 PL2013Dec-7Dec 09-15, 2013 | Left page, close up.  (Looks like I forgot to snap a photo of the full spread for this week.)

140101 PL2013Dec-9I printed my bio from Becky’s blog and inserted it in the 3×4 pocket.  This whole thing is RAD.

140101 PL2013Dec-11Right page, close up | Loving the “i love –” cards from the Sunshine Kit.

140101 PL2013Dec-12December 16-22, 2013 | Full spread.

140101 PL2013Dec-13Left page, close up | yep, I got a holiday card from THE Becky Higgins.  

140101 PL2013Dec-15Right page, close up | Samuel received his first message from Santa (via Portable North Pole). Pretty cool to see his response to the message. There were brief moments of joy and elation — but it was mostly moments of wonder..

140101 PL2013Dec-16December 23-29, 2013 | Christmas week, full spread.

140101 PL2013Dec-17Left page, close up | I am enjoying Samuel’s stick people.  I took a photo of it and made 3×4 tags for gift bags (far left).

140101 PL2013Dec-18Christmas insert, front side | Christmas morning at our house.  Page protector from the Just Add Color Kit from HSN.  

140101 PL2013Dec-20Christmas insert, back side | We gathered at my mom’s house for Christmas in the afternoon.

140101 PL2013Dec-19Right page, close up | Had a PL crop night with my girls on the 27th.  I usually include a photo of all the girls who attend but this photo of Becky was just too funny!

140101 PL2013Dec-22
December 30-31, 2013 | We celebrated the last couple days of December with sword fights and a trip to Leatherby’s (our favorite creamery).

140101 PL2013Dec-232013 Year in Review | Jim and I went through the books (all three of them) and came up with a list of major events, including many firsts.  I then selected a photo from each month and included numbers to indicate the months.

140101 PL2013Dec-27

140101 PL2013Dec-26

140101 PL2013Dec-28
And that’s a wrap.  Huzzah for 2013!

Huzzah for Project Life!  Huzzah for documenting daily stories!  Huzzah for 2014 and all the adventures that await us!

The Gift of Photos

131225 Christmas-185

We had a memorable Christmas.  Samuel insisted that Santa could not come into the house so we left cookies and milk for him outside.  Santa left a note on the front porch to look for gifts on the back porch.

Santa brought Samuel a Pony Cycle.  He did not show the kind of excitement you would expect from a kid on Christmas morning.  Samuel looked at the pony with inquisitive eyes. He wanted to know if it talked — and spent a great deal of time examining it from a distance, looking for buttons and noise making features.  Once he was certain that it would not make a sound, he slowly made his way onto the horse and rode it “into the midnight sky.”

One of the best gifts Samuel received on Christmas day was the gift of photos:  a book of stories and memories from all of his horse riding experience over the course of this year.
131225 Christmas-390
This photo really says it all.  He loved the mini-book and spent a good chunk of time looking at it and recalling all the names of the horses he’d ridden over the year.

131225 Christmas-393
He was super thankful.  This kid really likes hand made gifts.

Here’s a look at his book.
131230 PLTitlePage2014-26

131230 PLTitlePage2014-27

131230 PLTitlePage2014-28

131230 PLTitlePage2014-30

2013 December Daily | Day 08-14

Day 08 | ‘Tis the Season for hand knits.  My sister is the expert and her pieces are beautiful.  Samuel is the lucky recipient. 131215 DD-13 Day 09 | (Left page) Each evening, he spends time with his beloved Hercules.  Tonight, he decided that he’s an elf and that he and Hercules are returning to the North Pole to inform Santa of all that he has seen.131215 DD-14 Day 10 | (Right page above) Letter to Santa.  He scribbled the note and told me what to write. 131215 DD-15 Day 11 | Still in the works. Day 12 | 12 blessings on day 12. I was originally going to do 12 things about him/us right now but I loved Ali’s idea to do 12 blessings idea. 131215 DD-16 Day 13 | The Spirit of Giving — part of his Advent Calendar activities for this year.  Now that he’s a bit older and has a better understanding of giving, I decided to add some action advent cards for him to do for others.  Tonight, we made stockings and surprised our neighbor. 131215 DD-17 Day 14 | Santa Parade.  We love parades around here — we usually have several a week in our own home.  So when there’s a parade in town, we make sure to go.  I used Ali’s 4×6 Layered Templates, Vol 2 for the photos below. 131215 DD-19

Week in The Life 2013 | Friday

Happy Friday!

130913 WITLFriday-10
Sporting his new kicks.

130913 WITLFriday-12
Breakfast.  Somebody wanted an almond butter + jelly sandwich for breakfast.

130913 WITLFriday-29
Morning date with the duplo machine.

130913 WITLFriday-36
Fire alarm went off this morning.  Made for a poor start to my day.

130913 WITLFriday-37
Desk at lunch.  Today’s lesson was on pie graphs, hence the protractor.

130913 WITLFriday-81
Dylan, Ricki + Samuel = best buds.

130913 WITLFriday-111
My tomato plants are out of control.

130913 WITLFriday-154
Enjoying a few new reads tonight.

Lil’ Cowboy

This little cowboy is just a little over 2.5 years old.

He’s my pal.  We spend a wild amount of time together and we enjoy every minute together.

130908 PonyRideLandPark-40
He’s happy, curious and constantly on the move.  He reminds me that life is for living.

130908 PonyRideLandPark-63
I’ve never been this close to a horse before him.  I have a new appreciation for horses because of him.

130908 PonyRideLandPark-101
I adore him so.

Story Time Quilt

I bought the fabric three years ago with the intent to make a quilt for Samuel.  The fabric sat in my closet and this year, it made it to the living room where it sat for most of the year.  And then this summer, I put it on my project list.

The design for the quilt came from Rae.

In a couple of nights, I stitched the quilt top.  Then it sat for a week because I was nervous about sandwiching the quilt and quilting it myself.

Determined to clean off my kitchen counter (that’s where I do most of my sewing), I sandwiched the quilt in one afternoon while Samuel napped.  That same evening, I quilted it — yep, I quilted the entire thang.


After quilting it, I sprayed the quilt with water to remove the pen markings.  Bad idea because the red dye bled like crazy — many white sections turned pink!



The next morning, I bound the quilt, sprayed it with OxyClean and threw it into the wash.  The thirty minute wash cycle took forever.  OxyClean is the miracle stain remover — the white sections came out white!

Here’s the finished quilt:

130703 QuiltBalloons-17
Front of quilt.  Measures 46″ x 46″.  I am so in love with it.

130703 QuiltBalloons-21
The back.  I love the colorful strip in the middle.

130703 QuiltBalloons-22
Close up of the quilting.  I love the texture from the straight stitch.

I’m glad the recipient of the quilt loves it too.

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